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Specializing in work place investigations, background checks/ Investigations, as well as misconduct investigations for fraud, theft, embezzlement, and innappropriate behavior. 

Do you have the right people working for you?
Pricing List
  1. +

    Basic person or business search
    + Detailed report on the person you are searching for. + Detailed report of business you are searching for Asset Locator
  2. +

    Complex background
    + Detailed investigation including contacts with supervisors, neighbors, references etc. + Detailed report professionally bound and presented. + These investigations are at a per hour rate and mileage will be included in the final price.
  3. +

    + Constant follow up with client + Detailed report of findings + All investigations are by the hour plus mileage. + Investigations require a retainer TBD during interview.
  4. +

    Presentations and Seminars
    + Power point prepared with your logos and specifically for your company + Handouts prepared and given to attendees + Transportation and lodging extra + Per hour plus mileage
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